"Don't ever invite a vampire...."

"....into your house, you silly boy. It renders you powerless."

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Hello! If you're no stranger to LiveJournal, you may already know me as purple_bat, melchy (mostly about Stephen Fry) and rjeeves (my icon journal). Those journals are Friends Only, so I thought I'd make one which isn't (as of yet) so anyone can read. Plus it's a chance to talk about everything and not just trying to stick to one fandom. Though this journal is taking more of a Max/The Lost Boys turn at the moment. Which brings me to my username. It comes from one of the deleted scenes in the movie (as seen in the image up there).

In case you're wondering, I'm 29, live with my parents, very anti-social, a vegetarian, animal rights gal. I like to make fansites about celebrities I'm currently crushing on. I accept both positive and negative things in my life, even though I tend to rant about the negative a lot. I'm sure after reading a few posts here, you'll get tired of me complaining about things (usually people and their inability to express proper manners and respect) or about me rambling on about how cute so-and-so is.

This journal is mainly for me to get out my frustrations, thoughts and whatever else is on my mind. If you feel the urge to comment or add me as a friend, you're more than welcome to. Note that I get behind on journals so I'm not a huge commenter. I started out with a public journal but I decided to go 'friends only.'

Things/people I'm currently going on about: Dudley Moore, Edward Herrmann, Max (The Lost Boys), Fred Gwynne, The Munsters, Gilmore Girls, Stephen Fry, Alexis Denisof, Angel, Peter Sellers, my websites, music, Hugh Laurie (House) and a bunch of others. Check out my interests below for more.
C O L O U R   B A R S

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